Thursday, May 19, 2005

One Hit Wonders

You know...Iron Butterfly, the '97 Marlins, Right Said Fred...and Google?

Yep. Atleast according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, speaking at Stanford last week. Ballmer, whose search engine is fresh out of spring training, told students the fall of rival Google is no more than 5 years away.

Is this just more marketing hype from Gates and crew, or does Microsoft truly have what it takes to topple the search leader? Merely one year after the famous "Google kicked out butts" statement from Gates, team butterfly seems as proud as ever. With $100 million less and 1 percent more (market share since Jan 05), there's no question Microsoft is embracing the long road ahead.

Maybe Longhorn will revolutionize the way we search. I doubt it, but I've doubted Microsoft before. They certainly don't lack the resouces or talent. Or attitude, for that matter.

Can Google hang on over time to hit for the cycle? Only time will tell. For now, they have earned the right to bat clean-up.


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