Thursday, May 12, 2005

Urchin Improved: How Google is elevating analytics

Google announced last week that pricing for its recently acquired analytics product, Urchin, is being lowered significantly (news release). While lower prices are great for everyone, the real gem for marketers was buried deep in the release and hasn't garnered much attention. Urchin users now have the ability to directly import Adwords data into their Urchin reports, revealing true ROI metrics within the reporting interface.

"So what? Can't you import that data already with others solutions like ClickTracks?" Yes. But in the time it takes you to login to Adwords, select the reporting period, export the data to a CSV file, log back in to ClickTracks, upload the file...you see my point.

To my knowledge, Urchin is now the only full analytics suite that provides this seamless integration to PPC data. Login, see you visitor stats, take a look at your current PPC ROI, grab a cup of coffee and get back to work.

Myself and others at Zunch have been working on this exact integration for zWebTulz, our analytics solution, for some time now. If Google doesn't beat us to it, we hope to be the first with seamless PPC integration to Google Adwords and Yahoo SM (the artist formerly known as Overture). This capability will allow online marketers to spend more time making decisions and less time pulling data, and that's a good thing.


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