Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Is Google using Toolbar data for the SERPs?

According to InsideGoogle, Google is set to release its Toolbar for the Firefox browser. While I know this will warm the heart of a few of my Toolbar-lovin' colleagues, I really question the motives of this move for the following reasons:

First, aren't toolbars a thing of the past already? Firefox already has an integrated search bar and popup blocking. IE7 is bound to have the same. The Google Toolbar wouldn't bring an enhanced browser experience to Firefox.

Oh yeah...that little green bar. But do people really care about PageRank as much now as they used to (please say no)? Besides, there are several extensions available for Firefox that display PageRank already. Was there a huge outcry for Google to deliver a Toolbar for Firefox?

We all know that Firefox is a growing phenomenon. Latest statistics show the browser almost to the 10% mark in saturation, and increasing every month. Could it be that Google wants the click-thru data from FireFox users just as it is "possibly" using Toolbar data now from IE users?


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