Thursday, July 21, 2005

SEO & PPC - A symbiotic relationship

I was reminded of the benefits of both types of marketing earlier this month while composing a monthly summary report for a client. My jaw dropped as I viewed the analytics report that showed a significant decrease in organic traffic from Google, AOL and Ask Jeeves. This was after 6 straight months of solid increases, with no hints of looking back. I then suspected, and after talking with Laura, confirmed that this client had begun a PPC campaign (managed with expertise by Zunch, of course).

Based on our recommendations, the PPC campaign included very specific, branding keywords which were ranking #1 in the organic listings already (ex. "company name store"). As expected, some visitors clicked on the paid result who would have otherwise clicked on the natual result. So now we have a huge, inter-departmental feud because the PPC team stole traffic from the SEO team, right? Not quite. You see, overall traffic for those keywords were up across the board. And the low cost made it a no-brainer to bid on, even if some visitors would find the site organically anyways. The extra sales far outweigh the pennies it took to acquire them.

In the end, this client ends up on top because of their willingness to use as much real estate as possible in the SERPs.


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