Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MSN Yo-Yos with Search Index

What a wild ride! Late last week MSN rolled out a new index that included major changes across the board. Initial reaction was mixed, but it didn't take long for folks across the 'Net to voice their disappointment (WMW, SEW). Two days later, MSN sucked it back in and reverted to the older, more accepted index.

From MSN:

We rolled back to the old net after only about 48 hours. The new one might have been up considerably longer if you guys hadn’t been so vocal so quickly.

So...we've spent the morning emailing some clients and explaining why their MSN traffic plumetted at the end of last week, why blogs, subdomains and press releases were overtaking the rankings, and how everything should be status quo again.

Interesting to note that the MSN quality testers apparently missed this one.


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