Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Search to Win?

Well this is an interesting idea.

Actually, I love it! Last night I built a web spider script and it's been working that engine over for a few hours now. So far I've won a $50 Amex card, two Best Buy gift cards, an xBox game and a Canon Powershot 5.0MP digital camera.

OK, not really, but I wonder if I could?

OK, follow up time. It looks like quite a few people have been hammering MSN, possibly causing MSN to change the way the Search and Win program works. From the website...

If a link appears on the search results page with the words MSN Search & Win, click the link to see if you instantly won.

But it looks like MSN is mixing up the words on the SERPs to foil the automated queries. Here's two screen shots with examples:

As you can see, one search has the words "Win what you search for" and the other has "Use MSN Search...and Win!".