Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why IE is still a great browser

Many of us in the Web Design Industry loathe Internet Explorer 6 due to it's quirkyness and many rendering bugs. Sure, IE is unique in the fact that it allows for the usage of Active X (who still uses that anyways?) but there's more to it really.

Having designed and developed several sites recently i constantly ran into the issues that IE6 gave me regarding margin and padding settings, text sizes etc. What it forced me to learn was to write better stylesheets that eliminate the need for browser detects and socalled "IE fixes" - seperate stylesheets written to address the many, if not huge, number of rendering errors.

The perfect CSS is of course that which will render a site the same in both Internet Explorer and Firefox without any additional fiddling about.

I'm not saying that IE is a better browser, but it's a great reference tool for web designers and developers to write better and more compatible stylesheets.

Personally i'm excited to see how the final release of IE7 handles CSS and i hope that Microsoft takes to heart all the discoveries made by the everexpanding community of CSS gurus.


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