Friday, March 03, 2006

Google SiteMaps Update

Google SiteMaps Update

(1) Your average position by your top search queries. This is basically a site ranking report for the your top keywords, the keywords people search to find you on.

(2) If you have mobile enabled site, you will also now see your top search queries on mobile devices.

(3) You can now download "details, stats, and errors" to a SV file that you can then do what you like with it.

More details at Google Sitemaps Blog. Source SEW Blog >>

Barry Schwartz posts an update about the Google Sitemaps program over on the SEW Blog.

Webmasters should note that this service is free and easy to use. Support on the other hand is still the well known Google Blackhole. If you can find the email address to be able to send a question don't be surprised if you get anything back :)


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