Monday, March 06, 2006

MSN Adcenter not IE 7 compatible

Funny when you try and sign up for a service and you have to jump through a few technical hoops just to get it done. Like when Tyson (SEO Specialist) this morning was trying to create an MSN Adcenter account using IE 7. Adcenter kept spitting out an incompatible web browser error.

Looks like you have to revert back to IE 6 if you want to get anything done in MSN Adcenter. I would suggest not to switch your user agent header to IE 6 using the FF UA switcher either, the styles on all the forms break and you get a lot of form layer overlap issues.

Short list of browsers that Adcenter doesn't support:
  • Anything != IE 6
I thought the days of "you must conform" were past us...


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