Thursday, April 13, 2006

SEO and Usability

Myself and our insanely talented creative director Gina Hamm just finished up a usability report. One of our larger SEO clients had asked us to provide an analysis on the traffic reports and usability of the site. Naturally, Gina handled most of the design aspects and usability, and I spent most of my time interpreting the site metrics. Together we were able to provide a report with a ton of useful information and recommendations to improve the website experience for every user. For a large website, it only takes a small improvement to make drastic differences. (Example: Raising the conversion rate of a site just a fraction of a percentage could equal tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.)

I was also reminded how effective SEO and good usability are sometimes one in the same. Focusing the content of a page and adding textual navigation links were some of the items included in Gina's report. Of course these are helpful to a typical user, but they can also have great benefits toward an SEO program.

Working together to make sites successful...that's what Zunch is all about!


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