Tuesday, August 30, 2005

TV Networks Resort to Online Marketing, Search · MarketingVOX

It's about darn time!

I'm a HUGE fan of integrated marketing. You see, for search to work effectively, people need to be aware of your product. The one thing search doesn't do well is create awareness. Television creates awareness very well, but lacks in the "closing the deal" aspect. With the exception of infomercials, television doesn't have a way to get the consumer to "buy now" and the calls to action on TV are laughable. The holy grail, obviously, is mixing media through interactive television. But since it looks like we're quite a ways off from that, creating search campaigns to complement television campaigns seems to be the next best thing. I'm glad the networks are finally waking up to this. I hope the Prison Break is the next big TV show just because of this. I also love the fact that the TV Execs are looking to the blogosphere to see where the buzz is. I've always said that the "e-fluencers" online are the people to watch when it comes to making an initiative successful

Now if the TV Execs can just create a good sitcom. I'm so tired of reality TV I could throw up. And re-runs of Friends and Seinfeld aren't cutting it for me anymore, either.

TV Networks Resort to Online Marketing, Search · MarketingVOX


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