Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Google Box: Hot News or Hot Air?

News is breaking out on the web about a box that Google may have developed. This box contains every sort of connection port you would need on an electrical device. RJ-45 (Ethernet cable), RJ-11 (phone cable), SVideo, Optical Audio, digital and analog (RCA) jacks, USB and equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. "Ok," your saying "A Swiss army cable/electrical connection device. And?" The "and" part is the nifty part. With this device, out of the box, you will have one interface for broadband internet access, TVoIP, VoIP and home automation (climate control, alarm system, etc.)

To hear Robert X. Cringely put it, "As a result, Google becomes overnight a major phone company, a major video entertainment provider, a major player in home automation and even medical telemetry." How is this possible you ask????

Google would need to deploy what are called mobile datacenters. Basically, a large data center that take up rooms can be condensed to a shipping crate. Thousands of these portable data centers would be deployed strategically at certain points of the Internet to allow secure networked communication.

Now picture being an Adwords advertiser with the ability to reach out to consumers through virtually every communication means available today and you have virtually unlimited potential.
This is all potentially great news. But will consumers pick it up and invite it into their homes? Can this box easily unite our communication and entertainment mediums? Is this a sink hole that Google will have to crawl out from next year? Or is it just hot air?


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