Thursday, December 15, 2005

Linkin' Love

Link Love. We all need it and we all want it.

If you could sell it on TV it would be like the commercial for 'male enhancement' where the guy has a smile surgically fixed on his face or like the commercial for men's body spray that has women chasing them (and their mom, and their mom's friends, and their friends, or any other combination of 'mom' and 'friends' that I may have forgot to mention) . Basically, once you've got it you 'have arrived'.

Unfortunately, whether your trying to sell or buy links through any medium, Google doesn't like it. Google doesn't like it because they have relied so heavily on linking that strategic link buying or buying links en masse can affect their rankings.

Several good points were made in a thread going on at the SEW forums about Google's reliance on links:

1. If Google favors aged sites with a mass amount of relevant link that have been built naturally (ie: no one asked for or bought a link) how are newer or smaller business going to compete against the 900lb gorillas?

2. How detrimental is it if a site about widgets sells a link to a site about red widgets and the link helps the red widget site rank for red widget related terms?

3. Since the buying of links pre-dates Google, rather than Google affecting the link architecture of the web (again) by trying to direct webmasters on how to link to other sites that they evolve their algorithm to take into account this ancient (by the web's timeline) marketing vehicle?


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