Monday, November 21, 2005

Google - Afraid of the Redmond Waking Giant?

First Google's Sitemap Service allows users to view any site's captured information:

  • Crawling errors
  • Sitemap errors
  • Top search queries
  • Top search query clicks
  • and much more...

Then Google Analytics has to shut down because...well...alot of people wanted to use a free semi-robust analytics tool...plus it had the Google logo on it.

Then today I read that by wanting to simply try Google Analytics that you 'sign-off' on quite a bit:

....Further, Unless You notify Google otherwise in writing, Google and its wholly owned subsidiaries retain the right to identify You as a valued customer and optionally issue a press release that, at a minimum, discloses You have licensed the Product and that the Product is Your preferred web analytics package.

Is this a change of 'do no evil' anti big corporation mentality? Is Google more about getting out the products rather than then products themselves? Does Google fear Microsoft's ambitious goals and their own 'smart think tank'?

Google seems to be trying to downplay Microsoft with witty little one-liners. The Google fan boys may get a giggle out of it but us seasoned folks know that cracking jokes at the competition is a sign of concern.


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