Monday, November 07, 2005

The More Things Change the More They Stay The Same

Google's most recent update is still being rolled out. Yahoo! updated their algo less than a month ago and MSN just a little before that.

What drastic changes have we needed to make to stay on top? None.

Besides a few tweaks here and there, our recipe for good rankings is basically the same:

  • A domain with some age on it.
  • The right keywords on the the right page in the right priority.
  • Fresh content that supports targeted keywords.
  • Eliminating technological hurdles to proper search inclusion (complex dynamic URLs, links embedded in JavaScript or Flash, canonical issues, etc.)
  • Proper internal link architecture.
  • Relative links to the site's pages (plural) that gradually increase with time.

There is still no silver bullet. At the core of our SEO program is years of experience in best practices, ongoing research & analysis & testing and a tried and tested methodical approach to naturally and correctly obtaining the best possible rankings.


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