Monday, October 31, 2005

Algorithm Surfing

It’s been an interesting month for SEO. MSN Search and Google have made substantial changes to their ranking algorithms, right behind last month’s Yahoo! changes. While staying abreast of these changes is crucial to providing quality SEO services, Zunch goes one step further by preparing for the future changes, today. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we have the next two best things: zLab, Zunch’s SEO test lab, and SEO experts with plenty of years ‘in the trenches’ who know when, at times, the best action is no action.

It seems that we always have tests running in zLab. Some of the tests are researching solutions to real-world SEO problems, some tests are settling arguments between Jeff and Tyson, and some tests are “hey, what would happen if…” or as we some times call it “things you would never test on a client’s site but would be really cool to see”. These tests allow us a window in which to see why pages rank they way they do and often serve as an indication as to what changes have been made in the latest search engine update.

Having an SEO strategy that gets you rankings is not enough; you need to know when the best strategy is to do nothing and “ride out” the update.


What most often happens with these types of changes MSN and Google did this month can be assimilated to throwing a rock into water. As the ripples spread out, they completely change the surface of the water - some points are higher some points are lower. You only know how the water level is truly affected until the waves stop. Because of the practices Zunch incorporate into our SEO program, we often find that after the waves of change pass, clients most often come out on top.


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