Thursday, September 22, 2005

Google: Click Fraud is THE Issue for our Clients

In case you hadn't heard Google is trying to directly court Fortune 1,000 companies. Sure it’s only a 1,000 companies; on the other hand it’s THE top 1,000 companies. Less meat for us agencies, but I digress.

I had the opportunity to listen to and meet David Dietze, who handles all travel and technology commerce clients throughout the Southeast and Southwest, and Brian Devill (David called him the 'muscle') at a local DFWSEM meeting.

Into the Q&A the subject of click fraud was brought up...I was beat to it...and I asked David point blank if Google was open to working with third part click fraud data providers/aggregators. He said that Google was open to working with them and wanted to know anytime an advertiser or their click fraud auditing service provider suspected click fraud. Good to know.

The big question I wanted to ask was how big of an issue is click fraud to Google's own advertising clients in the pre and post sales process. Brian answered "Click fraud is THE issue." Nice to know that Google themselves are running into some of the problems that agencies are. I think agencies may have the upper hand here though...it’s in our best interest to detect click fraud for our clients and obtain refunds, such as Zunch's Click Fraud Detective does. The same can't be said for Google.


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