Thursday, September 15, 2005

Federal Judge to PPC Networks: Hit the Road Jack

As most of you may know the PPC networks under suit (Google, Yahoo!, Overture, AOL, Ask Jeeves, etc.) tried to have the previous federal courts decision, that decided the lawsuit should be sent back to Arkansas, reversed. The federal court system apparently favors big companies, especially after a bill was signed into law earlier this year. Apparently the appeals court judge felt the same way as the previous judge, so back to Arkansas.

Basically in a state court both parties have little recourse when there is a court order that they don't want to comply with. That's puts the PPC networks in a tight spot considering that no one, NO ONE, gets access to their data. A court order could put that information on display for the plaintiffs counsel and their consultants. Having served as a consultant for the plaintiff's counsel, I can tell you that the data could be very damaging to the defense and that the plaintiff's counsel will be asking for it.


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