Saturday, September 17, 2005

Google: Wireless VoIP Provider

You know, I have to be pretty wound up to be blogging on a Saturday morning...

What’s got me wound up is the moves that Google has and is making in regards to wireless communications. Google buys up large amounts of dark fiber left over from the Internet bubble burst and launches Google Talk (cell # required).

So what if G creates a major wireless network (Verizon has already launched one) and partners with a tech gadget company like LG and markets VoIP "cell" phones. The phones are embedded with Google applications and these phones maintain on "always on" Internet connection. The phone, of course, has the abilities to make calls (VoIP), search the web (local would be huge as would a social network), IM, read Gmail, check your Adwords/Adsense accounts, get RSS feeds, check your eBay bids and auctions, etc.

And another possible spin: Since G would own the network and the calls are over the Internet, the costs could be MUCH cheaper than they are now. Maybe if you elected to receive Adwords ads on your phone your service would be free.
The big cell companies better be concerned; with a brand like Google behind it, VoIP "cell" phones could become mainstream.

Source Article: http://www.webproworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=247655


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