Monday, November 28, 2005

Google Adding More Ad Inventory to Search Pages

Google had added two new PPC ad spots to beneath the search results, just like in the Yahoo! search results.

I believe Google tried this a few years ago, one can only guess as to why the did away with it originally.

It seems this would satisfy two goals for them:

1. Increase ad inventory to further increase ad revenues. There are only so many ads Google can run on a page, this may be the last of this type of change. Google is going to have to get more creative. Maybe they could have spots that rotate, just like in big city road billboards?

2. In the short term, this will allow some advertisers to appear on page one of results for a lower cost per click. It's doubtful this benefit will last long, especially in the uber competitve industries.

As always make sure you do a fair amount of A/B testing and make sure to test ad placements as well.


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