Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It s All About Content

Coming from a PR background, I thought this article was spot on. While it addresses more of the needs of the Corporate Communications professional communicating with traditional journalists, the lessons learned work for search engine marketing as well - make your content accessible and make sure the content is relevant to the end user. I've always advocated treating Google and others like journalists who filter your news. There is no Media Map entry for Google or Yahoo or MSN, but wouldn't it be interesting if there was? How do the major search engines want to receive their news and information about a company? Are you adhering to their wishes, or are you sending them stuff they don't want?

And yes, in the end, it is all about content. That's how you get people interested in your site, it's how you inform them of your services and ultimately, it's how you get them to make a decision to buy.

It s All About Content


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