Friday, June 03, 2005

Here Googlebot...Come On Googlebot...

So Google has yet another new feature that has created a buzz in the SEO world..."Google Sitemaps"

In short...

Webmasters, site owners, SEO specialists, etc. now have the ability to "feed" Google web pages they would like to have included in Google's indices. It's free to submit but not guranteed. Pretty simple!?

Here is how it works...

You create an XML feed of URL's you want indexed along with details such as when the page(s) was/were last updated and how often the page(s) change and you tell the Googlebot where to find the XML file. NOTE: The XML file (Sitemap) must be hosted on the web server. Pretty simple!?

This is great news for large dynamic sites that have issues being "deep crawled". However, there has already been a report from someone stating that they installed "Sitemap" on their beefy 3200MHz Pentium 4 running Debian Linux and 2 GB of RAM and it caused the server to crash.

I look forward to reading more reports on this when I get back into the office on Monday morning.



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