Thursday, July 14, 2005

More news about Clickfraud Lawsuits

Well, it looks like the Lane's Gift Class Action suit against the major search engines will be moved back to Arkansas. This is good news for the plaintiffs and bad news for the search engines. I've spoken with Steve Malouf, one of the plaintiff's lawyers for this case several times, and he said that he thought they had a good chance to win if they got back into the Arkansas court. Looks like Steve got his wish.

Basically, Steve told me that they would prefer to see a "click fraud" clearinghouse created, where a third party would monitor all clicks for fraud. This way, the Engines wouldn't have such a vested interest and the advertisers would get what they paid for, not fraud. I can't say I'm completely against this idea, but it needs to be fleshed out some more. I'll be following the case with much interest. You can read more about the decision here.


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