Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Adwords Geotargeting May Not Stop Click Fraud

A press release is circulating that there is back door into the Google Adwords system that allows countries outside of a geotargted area to display and click on ads not meant for their country. Geotargeting is/was one of the best ways to help reduce your exposure to click fraud from countries which have been known to be more of a click fraud threat than others.

As long as there are billions of dollars being pumped into PPC there will always be fraud. From competitors trying to push you out of a space, to publishers with content networks lining their pockets with your ad money to radical groups trying to make a political statement by targeting your external advertising and messaging. This combined with the PPC networks not willing to share their information with their advertisers nor in keep communication channels open is why advertisers need to 3rd party click fraud service that can audit, monitor and detect fraudulent activity on any PPC network such as Zunch's Click Fraud Detective.


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