Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Personalized Search From Google - Holy Grail?

Well, back before MSN made it's new world debut earlier this year, part of the hype was that the site would feature personalized search. I even wrote a column about it in our monthly newsletter that goes out to Zunch clients and friends. Now it looks like Google has beat MSN to the punch, again.

I don't know if this will get out of the Google labs, but the implications for search advertising are endless. Imagine being able to target your ads BETTER than current search. Imagine knowing your target's search history, etc...

Ok, where are the privacy advocates? I imagine they will be along soon.

One other implication this has is on naturalized SEO. Most people are still looking at rankings to measure success (a practice I don't like at all, as it's ego driven and not results driven). Hopefully, personalized search will make rankings meaningless because each user will receive their own search engine results page. Hopefully, this will make marketers look at results instead of rankings. We can all hope.

Internet News Article Reuters.com


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