Friday, May 20, 2005

Google Launches Personalized Home Page

So Google wants to be my home page? Guess what, it already is.

I again ask the question - is Google trying to do too much? Are they getting away from the "one thing" they do well. We all saw how this portal approach worked back at the tail end of the bubble.

And with the launch of a new CPM model of advertising (Laura and I sat through a presentaiton about it yesterday with Google) I hope that Google is learning from history and not repeating others mistakes. I guess only time will tell.

Google Launches Personalized Home Page


  • Yea...I read the article this morning from Search Day and thought the exact same thing! Google Gulp, Desktop Search, Personalized Home Page...what's next Google Music?

    Larry and Sergei need to stick to what made them billionaire's and let Yahoo! and MSN battle the "portal" war.

    By Blogger Matthew Shehorn, at 11:07 AM  

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